Saturday, October 17, 2015


So, here I go again.  This is a long time coming and one I've thought about for quite a while.  It's a family Christmas painting with scenes that mean something to all of us.  In a sense it's a limited audience but not really.  Most people love to see little boys walking to bed with candles and little girls standing next to a cute snowman.  Most of us have gingerbread cookies for the holidays and a Christmas tree with fun ornaments.  And who wouldn't love a purring kitty (well, not everyone, I guess).  The most important thing in the whole composition is what will go on the candle on the right towards the top:  Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus. 

I'm excited for this and hope it turns out fun.  I think it will take a while but that's okay.  It's well worth waiting for.

Friday, October 9, 2015


"The Spider Box" 
original art work by Julie Jacobsen all rights reserved
constructed by Chris Jacobsen

So, tonight my son, Charlie, asked me if I had written on my blog recently and I sheepishly said, "No but I've watched a lot of kitty videos on Facebook".  Bad.  Bad.  Bad!  So, that got me off my you know what and I decided to show my most recent project.  

Chris gave me a box like this years ago and he had taped a licorice wrapper on it because he KNEW I would be a fool and fall for it.  So what happened.....I eagerly opened the box and promptly had a heart attack and died.  Well, the second part isn't true.  I'm still here but I did scream my head off.

After that we embraced the spider box and there have been many an unsuspecting victim that we have pulled it on (kind of like the fake poopy diaper that  we wore out from overuse-so so fun).  Many years went by and Chris decided to figure out how to make it.  The original spider box he bought.  Smart guy that he is (I don't know how he did it) he made one!  I've actually painted 3.  They are so much fun!   Just think.  The box is so inviting!  This particular box theme is everything licorice because the person we're giving it to loves it.  We hope they'll get many years of fun out of it.  I'm going to put a rock hard finish on it and we'll hope the spider doesn't get yanked out by grandchildren.  Hahaha.  The spider that's in one of the other boxes that we made has been played with so much by our granddaughters that it's kind of pokey coming out of his hole.  He might need a repair soon.  As we were Face Timing today we watched the 1 year old, Rinnie, open it up and give the spider a kiss.  Too funny!  It makes all the work worth it to see that.

I hope you can get a good idea of how these look.  For some reason the photos are blurry.  I may have to change the image size but not tonight!

*I did but to no avail.  So I left all but the first one small. You can click on each one to see the detail better.

**I take it back.  When you click on them they're even smaller.  I think you might be able to stretch them on a phone or IPad.  Oh well.  I should have used my regular camera but I don't think the colors are as good as with my IPhone.

Don't let the spiders get you tonight!  Hahahahaha!    

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Finally "You're My Cousin Buddy" is finished!

"You're My Cousin Buddy" by Julie Jacobsen

I know this took me a long long time but you have to understand that I had so many things going on
at home that I just couldn't quite get it done.  One of the things was another painting that I did for my husband's nephew's wedding present.  Once I completed that I was able to get back to this project.

Now, I don't know if I have mentioned this before but I painted this on a wrap around canvas.  So I had to continue the painting onto each side.  More work on that end but the best part is I won't have to frame it.  It's ready to hang!  Yay!

I really love this painting as I feel like it's a good composition.  It keeps your eye wondering around in a circle.  It's unified in all ways.  These are my grandchildren, Brandon and Kyra, and I love them too!   It's an intimate portrait showing their bond with each other.  That makes for a successful painting, I think.  I accomplished what I set out to do.  I also left this a little rougher than my usual portraits.  I wanted it to be more painterly.

Now it's onto the next project:  another small wedding painting for my husband's brother that got married last year.   Oh and I'll have to post the other one that was completed.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sorry I have been a dud lately!

Hi there!  I feel bad about not getting more on here but when I got my new phone last September my photos stopped transferring over to my computer.  I've got to make an appointment with Apple or something to see what happened.  I'm a bit busy with company right now.  So, I'll get on it as soon as I get settled back to normal.  This most recent painting of Brandon and Kyra is all but done.  So I want to post it and I will.

"It was a Sunny Day-so I decided to Fly" (I think that was my title-hahaha) Julie Jacobsen
I'll correct this later!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

DOODLES! How I love them!

A doodle - Julie Jacobsen

Just a fun little doodle.  I've read some fantasy books lately and that kind of got me in the mood for this.  Another thing I thought about was when the Arboretum started at the University of Utah when my kids were little. It used to be you could walk around the area more freely.  There was a part that was like this.  Actually it was oak trees that surrounded you as you walked through a kind of tunnel of vegetation.  I remember feeling a little on edge each time we went there because it's by Red Butte Canyon and there are a lot of rattlesnakes up there.  We never saw one at that time but I did years later at the more formal gardens-a snake slivering through the beautiful flowers.  Creepy! 

This drawing also reminds me of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow".  Can you see the tree stump that almost looks like a man?  Hmmmm.  Eerie, right?

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Brandon and Kyra-taking shape

Brandon and Kyra

Now they're looking more and more like my sweet grandchildren!  I bet you don't know what's going to be in the background.  I'll give you a hint.  It's usually recognized as beautiful and very picturesque.  I know what that's going to be but I'm making choices on the clothes still.  I think Kyra looks pretty in the dark purple but I was thinking of something more 'little girl' looking like white with cherries and Brandon in red for his shirt or a red character of some sort-since red is his favorite color.  Hmmmmm.  Hard choice as I don't want to make this too busy and distracting from the main focal point-the faces.  

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Brandon and Kyra

Notice the green in the skin?  If you look at your skin you'll see that there's a lot of green.  Generally that's the shadowed and veiny areas.  Brandon's mouth looks weird but that's how things look in this stage.  It didn't take me long to get this far tonight with the skin but it's funny how there are some areas that almost work.  

At this point I'm making choices about the fabric.  Part of me wants to do solid colors to not distract from the composition-the focal point (faces) but the other side of me says, "Boring!"  I think I know what I'm going to do.  They're kids!  They'd naturally be wearing something fun.  So that's what I'm going to do.