Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Okay! Now my painting is done.

After evaluating my painting after a few days I decided it needed some more splashes of "life".  It needed more color to reflect the sunset.  Now it's done and ready for the final finish and framing.


The Wannabe Photographer said...

Wow! Julie. I really like it. What is cool is I could see the sunset in the flowers without having trying to look for it. Your painting conveyed this so well it was natural to see it. Then I looked deeper to see how you added that awesome touch. Very cool. Did you hit up the Utah Arts Festival? I did and I thought of you while I was there. I actually looked to see if you had a booth (Which you should have) I really think you should. You could clean up selling some of your art. You'd better do it next year.

Julie said...

Josh, you are so nice. I'm glad you like it. I actually used my artistic license on this by changing the pathway to lead the eye in. Plus enhancing the colors. I really think lighting makes all the difference. It's the difference between a ho hum painting and one that brings you into the story. I've checked into the Utah Arts Festival before when I was doing art professionally. It's a lot of work and expense if you don't sell much. I found that out with the Dickens Festival. There are no guarantees, you know. I wish you a ton of good luck. I didn't know you were going to be in it. If I get down there I'll find you. Not sure if I'm going this time, though. Hmmmm. I doubt I'll do it next year. But you never know. I appreciate your support so much.

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