Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Little Closeup jewels and Winter vegie soup (for Nancy)

Did you ever look at a painting and notice that there is just one spot that by itself was independently beautiful?  It's like it could just have been the painting by itself without anything else around it.  Here are 2 of my quick paintings where I have zeroed in on my favorite parts.  They're both of Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City.  I, especially, love the way the first one turned out.  It was one of those that I felt was never that great.  So, several years later I went back in and changed some things.  I just really like how the lighting turned out around the pine tree. Plus I added little sprinkles of pink flowers and that added some delicate interest to finish it off.  The 2nd painting always worked for me without any later fixing.  Just wanted you to see these.  It goes to show you that if a painting isn't working all the way you might want to take out the trusty scissors and cut that part out-of course leaving enough to restretch it onto some frames, if large enough.  If not you'll need to mount it flat on a heavy duty plywood board or just foamcore board and frame.  Then, voila!  A new painting that you'll love.

Second of all-this part is for my buddy Nancy from the "Lemon Verbena Lady" blog.  Look, Nancy!  See the parsley that I dried out of the garden added to my soup today?  You would be so proud of me!


lemonverbenalady said...

Sorry Julie! I just saw my name and didn't really realize it was REALLY MY NAME! Congratulations! It is very exciting to dry any herb from your garden! I'm paying attention! Well, OK, I will pay better attention!

lemonverbenalady said...

I thought I posted a comment, but maybe I left too quickly and didn't finish the process! Good for you, Julie! I'm just like a proud 'herbal' mom!

Julia or Doug Morrill said...

If you want to save the trouble of having to remount pieces and actually cutting the painting, try letting your computer do the work and just cropping the picture how ever you want to. You won't need to buy any extra art supplies and your painting s safe if you ever change your mind.

Julie said...

I totally know what you mean. My sister does that all the time. Several paintings I'm so sad I didn't hang onto and should have cut to enjoy what was successful. Que sera!

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