Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Okay, I'm better than most moms on the computer

Well, this is my second post and it has been so hard to get to the new post spot. I can't believe it. I finally did it, though. What a ridiculous time this has been. Lots of not so fun things happening like taking care of my mom and father-in-law. Right in the middle of that I found out that I have to have back surgery.

In the meantime I have been having so much fun making my broken china mosaic hearts. I'm hoping to get some kind of art business going since I'm out of work right now. Last time I tried very hard for 16 years and it didn't work out all the way. I gave up and got a job at a dental lab for 8 years. It's funny how life seems to do things to you that you think are unfair but it's really preparing you for something that you will be doing in the future. Because I worked at the lab I learned how to use small power tools. Perfection was expected. So, I had to do my best. I did things with gold that I never thought I could do at all. I never could see myself as an artist in 3 dimensional mediums. I learned that I love to do that. It's very different from painting and gives a different kind of satisfaction to my work. My mind has absolutely gone crazy with creativity. I never felt like a really creative artist before but my mind has changed.

Today I just had so much fun at the thrift store buying all different kinds of china. Then I took it home and smashed it all (talk about good therapy!). I counted 54 different paper plates on my art table containing all sorts of patterns and colors-just waiting for me to put them to good use.

I've always loved jigsaw puzzles and this really satisfies that need. It's also so relaxing to work on the mosaics while listening to books on tape or music. Don't be jealous of me everyone because I am playing with my work. I don't know if this will last for long but I'm enjoying it while I can!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fun fun fun

Okay. So this is the very beginning of my blog. I'm starting this because I'm tired of trying to send pictures by email on Qwest.com and only having the space for exactly ONE big picture. I hope this will solve that problem and it could be a lot of fun also. And I like to write, anyway. So this could be a perfect fit for me after all. I hope everyone will enjoy reading and seeing about my world over here in such an exciting place called Murray, Utah. Well, I'm sure it's not as exciting as say, Iraq or any of those hot spots right now. But it's exciting sometimes. I'm planning to share that excitement with all of you.