Wednesday, January 24, 2018

4 card images-Something for everyone!

4 cards in a set $12.00 - does not include postage if they need to be mailed
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As always for my images all rights are reserved
No copying allowed without permission

I just got the cards back from the printers and they're gorgeous!  So exciting!  You never know how these things might turn out until you do it but this was a good experiment.  The insides for all of them are blank.  I've found from past experience with printing cards that the blank ones are the best.  Do let me know if you would like to order.  If you live in the Salt Lake City area or are coming here you can pick them up.  Otherwise I'll tack on postage.  

Because they've become so popular I had to double my print order and might have to order more.  I'll come out with another set soon that has different images.  I'm trying to put some in each set that will be good for men, also.  You know how you try to buy a card and either the cards for me have bathroom humor or other unsavory subject matters.  Others might be so dull that you wouldn't even want to line the parakeet bird cage with them and bore the poor bird to death.

Very fun!


Thursday, January 11, 2018

If at first you don't succeed..............It's a real bummer!

Welllllllllll.  I am going to finish this Christmas painting even if it kills me!  Or so I have thought but I don't really want to die over this.  Anyway.  I like so much about this painting but the starring vignette of the whole thing is the one with Joseph, Mary, and Jesus.  It really has been a struggle but I think that's because I've avoided the real work on it.  So, today I admitted defeat and pulled out the rubbing alcohol.  It takes acrylic paint off quite well.  I removed as much as I could being careful not to press too hard and ruin the tautness of the canvas.  At this point I don't care about the under painting at all.  I just want to move this forward.  So, that means a good coating of white paint.

I also sat down and did a meaningful sketch of the 3 of them.  I need a plan and I was trying to wing it just like with my sketches.  Loose and free.  But I had to get tight and spend time on how I want it to basically look.

I'm an artist that's willing to show my mistakes and that gives everyone some hope, doesn't it.  It makes artists that are so much better pat themselves on the back and say to themselves, "See.  I knew I was better than her and this proves it!"  Or other artists that don't feel as accomplished can say, "Wow.  If she really can do lousy work then there's hope for me too!"  I can assure you that there's plenty of lousy work that I've done in the past but as I wrote about a while back it's okay to throw things away!  Yes, you can!  But make sure you really want to because you can't ever get them back.  There are some garbage men that are probably thoroughly enjoying some of my paintings that I felt were duds (why, oh, why didn't I think to cut out the parts that I liked and keep them!?!).  Well, you do live and learn.

This was my main project today and I'm going to make more progress even though I really want to be a slouch and work on something much more enjoyable.

I should, also, say that if you aren't getting the results you want it's a good idea to just turn it to the wall and then look at it at a later date.  You might find that now you know what to do with it.  Just don't throw it away until you've made sure.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Free form painting that creates new ideas that were never in my head before!

"Brandon the Robot" by Julie Jacobsen

I just have too much fun doing watercolor washes and then looking at all the squiggles and splotches to see if I can make anything out of them.  It always happens.  Do you remember in school when your teacher would have you scribble all over your paper with a black crayon and then have you fill in the designs with bright colors?  Well, this is similar in the way that nothing is planned.  The only thing I did ahead of time was to make bookmarks for friends using swirling colors.  I tried different color combinations.  This one I happened to really love.

My main intention with this watercolor was to make a birthday card for my grandson, Brandon.  After I saw all the creatures that popped out I decided to write a story to go along with the illustration. It just flowed right out of me because I really am an illustrator at heart.  It was so fun.  The story and card are safely in the mail and, hopefully, will arrive in time for his birthday.

If I look at this painting I can see some color combinations on their own that really look so vibrant together.  If you look inside the gray snake you can see a light peach and yellow.  Then next to that I love the pink and yellow.  I might do something with that sometime.  I also love the bright cobalt blue band, the golden yellow inside of it, and the purple/burnt sienna underneath. 

It's a very good thing that I take photos of all the art work I do before it leaves my house.  That way I can look back on them for even more ideas and fresh approaches.