Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's done! THE TABLE PAINTING (well it's really marker)!

"Breathing Colors" - Julie Jacobsen

Okay.  I had sooooooo much fun with this!  I was in danger of "eating my painting".  Meaning overworking it.  I could have gone on forever.  I just loved the malleable aspects of the Sharpie pens.  If you do it on unfinished canvas cloth then you can get all sorts of dry brush effects, along with the think applications that you associate with markers.  Plus!  They're transparent and you can layer them!  What more could you want?  Well, I'm hoping for permanence.   I did a test a while back with them.  I drew a marker on a scrap of canvas and left it out in the brilliant sun for a few days and I couldn't see any difference.  So I feel like it should be great in the house.  Plus if it does fade I can paint over it with paint.  It's canvas, right?  Why not.

What I like about this is that it almost gives a stained glass quality to it.  Flipping it on the wrong side it looks pretty interesting too.  

I have to do more of these!!!!!  Hope you like it!
Now, I find that honesty is the best policy.  I found a photo of the birds on the internet.  So, if I wanted to make a million dollars on this design I would have to get permission from the photographer.  I'm not planning on doing that.  But if I did want to do that I would have to just redo this and use a photo of some birds that I took myself or get the required permission.

Monday, March 11, 2013


Table painting (marker) - Julie Jacobsen

Ooooooh!  Now the very fun part!  I love working with Sharpies on canvas.  By the way-this is just unprepared canvas material that I bought at the fabric shop.  There's no sense using expensive prepped stuff.  Anyway, I love doing this and I think Chris likes it too.  I was sure to include lots of his favorite color, yellow, so he'll enjoy having it on the table for a while.  Then when I'm sick of it-I can do another.  I know.  It would be easier to just go buy some material with a print on it but it wouldn't be as fun, would it?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My New Project....a TABLE PAINTING!

Original Drawing - Julie Jacobsen

The new project!  Have you ever heard of a painting that sits in the middle of the table?  Neither had I.  I Googled it and I can find fabric on the table but no actual paintings.  So this will go in the middle and I'm going to do it with Sharpies, again-just like my calendar and shoes I did a few years back.  So imagine a vase, plant or something in the center.  It will have a protective finish-just in case.  I'm playing around with this and intend on having fun!