Thursday, February 8, 2018

Florals Cards for Spring that's around the Corner!

Floral cards-Julie Jacobsen-All Rights Reserved-Of course!

Well, guys!  This is going so much better than I could have hoped for!  After the 1st set was a huge success I decided to see if anyone would be interested in the florals.  The response was great!  Now they will be going into print as cards.  As the other set was these are $12.00 for a set of 4 plus shipping and handling.  Email me at if you're interested.  Already I'm going to have to double my print order.  I hope I don't run out!

I still have some of the other set but not much.  Let me know if you'd like some of them.  The great thing about that set is that it does have 2 cards that would work well for men-especially the cabin image.

Thanks everyone!