Friday, September 25, 2009

A lighter side to my art

So, I thought I'd show a little of what I do when I'm not being a strict disciplinarian with my methods. I love to sketch-especially in church. Just thought I'd put a few of these up. Remember that they are just free sketches and not perfect by any means. I think doodling really shows a person's personality and can reveal a good deal of their mental outlook. When I taught art classes, adults and kids, for 11 years I always had them bring doodles. I bribed the kids with a treat if they would bring anything that they had fooled around with. Then in the back of their sketch book I had them paste an envelope to keep those doodles in. You never know when you will need a fresh idea and this is one way to get it. How many of you have doodled on your notebooks in jr. high in years past? Any of you wish you still had that notebook to look at? I wish I had mine. Back then the big thing was a denim one that we would cover with doodles. But I digress. I am a big believer in keeping the flow of art coming through to the paper constantly. It's also a good way to keep yourself warmed up for doing bigger projects.

Another note I took my first archaeology midterm yesterday. I have never studied so hard for a test in my life. I'm glad I did. It was very tricky and we'll see how I did. I don't care if I am older and this is not going to be a big career boost in my life now-I'm going to try my hardest to get good grades.

We also got our tickets to fly back to see Cliff and Lorien get married November 1st. We are so excited to have Lorien be a part of our family. She's such a cutie! Cliff is so happy and this makes us very happy. We will also go through the Washington D. C. temple with Gracie and Dave for Gracie's first time. That's another highlight in my life. Well life is way busy but never a dull moment and that makes for good times.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Flowers, fruit and the necessary instruction on how to look at my photos...drat

Okay. You all know by now that nothing goes onto this blog the way I want it to. So, to see the order of my mosaic heart production start at the bottom and then go to the top.

Now, for something a bit more refreshing....gorgeous summer fruit (Grandpa J's pears!) and flowers from our garden. Actually the pears are more like "Charlie's pears" because Grandpa didn't have anything to do with them this season-except own the property and he planted them many years ago. So we can pat Char on the back for all the spraying. Oh, that's right...I'm sure we have to count Jan and Mat's pruning and cleanup. So let's call them "Jan and Mat and Charlie's pears", okay? This has been probably the most productive garden year ever. We personally have picked at least 150 cucumbers. I'm actually quite sick of them. I took them to my neighbors and said, "I KNOW you want these cucumbers". One neighbor only wanted a few today and I told her that she could only have some if she took all of them in the basket. But I've done a lot of canning and that's something that hasn't been happening around here for a long time.

What it all looks like

Well, today Charlie took some pictures of me working on my hearts. It's not as good as a tutorial but you can all see my studio plus the painting I've been working on for, let me see, about 4 years or so-2 of my favorite animals-horses and cats. Plus it's a California scene-hence the California poppies all around the edge. I have other paintings in progress also but I've got to get back to them sometime and I will.

So, I hope you will enjoy seeing all the junk in my studio. It's a nifty place for creating just about anything you want.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Okay, one and all.....look at my paintings on the left (part of my Etsy shop). Notice the little girl eating the green apple on the left (hopefully that picture has come up as they rotate...if not check out my Etsy shop). Now look at my daughter getting married. They are one and the same. Gracie at 3 and Gracie at 22. Whew! I just looked and thought, "Man, they grow up fast!"

This is for all you bloggers that think you can keep them at home for the rest of their lives. Well, you can't. I always like to think of the old classic "The Prophet" by Gibrahn (I think that's the right name). He talks about how you can't live in your children's castles in the sky. Well, it goes something like that. Essentially, we have our dreams and our children will have theirs. We are not meant to be a part of their lives forever. It makes one pause and think, doesn't it?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oh for pete's sake! I did it again

Alright already! I do not mean I love the site of the old house! How did this happen? Are you all loving my blunders? Everyone loves it around here when I make ridiculous mistakes. In fact it's added many years of good laughing material. So, okay. Go ahead and laugh at me. I guess it makes it all worthwhile if everyone is having fun (ha ha ha.....waaaaaa).

Love this site! You SHOULD give it a look!

Well, I don't know which way this is going to go on my blog but you've got to check this out! I love to view places that are totally unusual and you should too! Okay, I know....too many explanation points. I guess I just have to do it because today is such a lackluster day as I'm studying for my math test. Plus it's really a nice day outside and I am feeling a tad depressed about yet another day goes by and we're not spending any by a lake or an ocean. Waaaa.

Okay. It could be a lot worse. I could be living in our old house watching the back hoes shoveling away at our front yard. Now I remember how much I hated (yes, it needs to be this strong) that stupid busy street. Where we are is on a delightfully quiet street where I can hear the birds sing without the competition of sirens whizzing by. Oh how happy I feel now! I guess I'll go fold some clothes and study some more. What? Waaaaaaaa!!!!!