Thursday, September 3, 2009


Okay, one and all.....look at my paintings on the left (part of my Etsy shop). Notice the little girl eating the green apple on the left (hopefully that picture has come up as they rotate...if not check out my Etsy shop). Now look at my daughter getting married. They are one and the same. Gracie at 3 and Gracie at 22. Whew! I just looked and thought, "Man, they grow up fast!"

This is for all you bloggers that think you can keep them at home for the rest of their lives. Well, you can't. I always like to think of the old classic "The Prophet" by Gibrahn (I think that's the right name). He talks about how you can't live in your children's castles in the sky. Well, it goes something like that. Essentially, we have our dreams and our children will have theirs. We are not meant to be a part of their lives forever. It makes one pause and think, doesn't it?

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