Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 11 of my prison sentence-breaking out today!

Well, I have about had it with staying home and not driving. The dr. told me I could drive after 7 days and then I looked at the hospital instructions and they said it has to be 10. So, not wanting to get sued (in case of accident) I decided I would tough it out. Anything, almost, sounds good to do. I must admit that I feel very fortunate that I don't have a job I have to get time off from. That's a good thing.

I just talked to the nurse and asked if I could, at least, please please lift over 10 lbs. for the next 6 weeks (more like 5 now, thank goodness). She said in a deadpan voice, "What do you want to pick up that's over 10 lbs.?" I said, "My cat. She weighs 15 lbs." She said, "Why?" I said, hopefully, "Because I'm the one that really does things with bringing her up to feed her." She said, "Can't you feel her in the basement?" Well, there was no talking this lady into this. Drat. She's too good of a nurse (remember the old time nurses at school that wouldn't let you go out to play when you really really wanted to and had a few crusted over chicken poxes?). Oh well. I tried, Kitty.

At least I'm getting better at things on the computer and I'm trying to relearn my Spanish-plus learn Italian so we can go on our canceled trip to Italy. Aren't I a great Pollyana?

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