Thursday, May 28, 2009

Contrasts-Some fun things and some not so fun

Okay, so this is where I talk about some good things and some bad things about taking care of my mother. Those of you that have never cared for an elderly parent have no idea of what the adventure will be like. I am here to enlighten your very experience.

Which do you want to hear about first? Oh, you say the bad things, so you'll be prepared? Well, alright. Let me just throw in a little picture for you to study-maybe for a future test. Better take notes. Oh, and I won't put any yucky bad thing in my blog. Nobody wants to hear or see about that. Besides I don't want to ruin ALL the surprises you have in store.

Sooooo. If you decide that you don't want to do your parent's laundry and would rather have the care center do it you might want to watch over the clothes. I've heard tales of clothes winding up on the wrong people. I mean, do you really want your dad to wear a pink t shirt? I don't THINK so. So, one day I pulled out all of my mom's clothes-she has a lot- and took pictures of all of them. That was after I labeled every last one that my sister hadn't done already. This is not an easy job. Especially when your parent is yelling at you wondering what you are doing and why aren't you entertaining them. This killed my already ailing back.

Moving all the stuff out of the retirement home (now that she's permanently in the full nursing care center) has gone on for 3 months, if you can believe it. We even had grand notions of taking her bedroom set that no one wanted to a used furniture store. We located a store and sent them an email with lovely pics of it. Each time we tried so hard to get it over to the store something would happen to prevent it. Finally on Tuesday we thought we could finally do it. Of course the shop was not going to be open long enough. Drat. We just could not work it out. So we all felt the Deseret Industries would happily receive it. We just plain old didn't care anymore!

Okay, I just can't wait to tell you all about the good thing I discovered while driving on the street just north of the care center! Hidden by luscious foliage is a gorgeous Victorian type 3 story mansion. I just couldn't believe it! So, I had to bring my camera and take some pictures. Then to make things even better I discovered (which I should know by now) how wonderful it is to put them onto Photoshop and be able to work with them. I WISH I had had this years ago when I was doing all my house paintings. It would have saved me a ton of time. I can zoom in on any detail and see what is there. I don't have to go back to the house and take more detailed photos. Shadows can be lightened and darkened again after I've found out the information in the structure that I need. So, I am in heaven over this new discovery.

Plus I felt like I was in the Secret Garden. There were so many garden areas that sparkled with fairy light or were mystery in their velvetly darkness. I am not kidding. It is so wonderful.

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