Sunday, June 14, 2009

Organic Eggs

Hi everyone! This morning I found an interesting sight that talks about the difference between organic eggs and the supermarket kind. If you go to that sight you can read all about it and see my comments about the organic ones that we have tried. Believe me it's worth a look as it opened my eyes. I always thought the way they keep the chickens in those little tiny cages is so cruel and hurts me to think about it. That's also the way they keep them for the packaged boneless skinless chickens, I believe. I don't even want to read about the handling of cattle or I won't be able to eat beef anymore.

So why do I have a picture of flowers in this post? It's because it's gardening season again and I'm loving it! Our roses are so gorgeous due to the tons of rain but some are really getting mildew on the leaves. I always battle that due to the sprinklers that have to water the lawn also. Some day we'll solve that problem when we can redo the sprinkler system.

We had a great time with my mom and father-in-law, Tom, last Sunday. Unfortunately Tom really started a downward spiral after that. Charlie said maybe it was the meat that we served-it was so tough. Or it could have been the gravy that Chris put steak sauce in. Oh well. At least we tried. But we got some great photos of Mom with Charlie at the piano. It was the first time she had been to our house since last November. I was very excited-even though it was so hard to get her into the house. Chris and Charlie had to carry her up the stairs in the wheel chair. So, it's not something we can do very often and I have to have them help me. I wish it wasn't like that but that's life, you know.

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