Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Biggest News Around This Place Is..........

Gracie and Dave are engaged! They are getting married on the 28th of November and we are thrilled. There isn't much to tell about it yet as nothing, except for the photographer, is figured out. More to come.

Other than that my brain is absolutely fried tonight from working on my math homework. Oh excuse me...did I say math? I mean my puzzle homework. I have to somehow make this fun because it's really not too fun at all yet. Thank goodness for Charlie's help or I would be sunk. Tonight I think we had both had it and it just became comical as he was trying not to give me the answers. He's a real tax master but that's what I need. Studying archeology is a real treat compared to my other homework.

I am enjoying the ride on Trax-even though it's so early in the morning twice a week. It's just thrilling to Chris to see me be the one that has to get up so early. After all for the last year I have been thoroughly enjoying myself staying up late and reading. I don't think I've read this many books in years! Love it.

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