Sunday, June 27, 2010

What happened to me?!?

The Pie that Chris and Charlie made.  Chris put a skull and crossbones on it because he bet Charlie that I would say he was an "idiot" for doing it.  They both lost.  I just looked at it and said, "Hmmm.  Well, this looks interesting.  Skull and cross bones, huh?  It will still taste good."  And it did.  Best part:  I didn't have to make it.

Well, this has been the most boring blog, almost, ever, lately.  I have just been glued to my new job-3 weeks of training and now into the job itself.  I'm thinking part time is looking awfully good right now.

So, we did go to Las Vegas (no pics-Charlie took the camera to San Diego).  That was so wonderful.  Lots of swimming and looking at the new hotels.  I've gotta tell you that the Aria wins our vote as the coolest and most beautiful one that we saw.  We wanted to look at the Vdara but ran out of time.  The Aria is all contemporary, which I don't normally like much but this was soooooo cool.  Waterfalls that didn't look real.  I just can't fully describe it.  You've just got to see it for yourselves. 

I got terribly sunburned because of the Doxycyline I've been taking for my ocular rosasea.  I just couldn't figure it out because I had put tons of sun block on and constantly applied it.  It was splotchy like a rash.  When we left the hotel to go out on the Strip and look at more hotels the sun just lighting on my skin for even a minute felt like it hit the frying pan.  I had to run from shady spot to shady spot.  That's not easy in Las Vegas.  I wondered what in the world could be the matter and then I remembered the dr. saying I would be photo sensitive.  I took Tetracycline for years and never had this happen and it was supposed to be like the other med.  The dr. should have told me he wasn't kidding.  But then he was such a bland bedside manner dr.  Anyway, that wasn't a fun part of the trip but we still went all over the place.
I just had to show you all my gorgeous hollyhocks.  They are a new breed for me and the most beautiful I've ever seen.  The plants are gigantic.  Love em love em.

That's all for now.  I'm just going to have a very relaxing day, I hope.  Fair warning for the future to all my friends-now that I talk on the phone all day for my work I'm going to be a dud for having long visits that way.  I mean, after 8 hours of that it is so tedious to come home and get on it again.  In person and short phone calls for the most part will be the best for me.


  1. You were away judging pies again, but you were also growing gorgeous hollyhocks! Mine are starting to bloom as well! Glad to have you back, Julie!

  2. Nancy, thanks so much! I just have been so exhausted at night that I can hardly do much of anything. Our yard is not as great as last year but the lavender is going to be another bumper crop. I already have promised it all to my neighbor to make little packets for her son's wedding (for the people to throw-like at my daughter's wedding last year). I, of course, won't be the one to process the lavender this year as I think I just might be miserable. It sure is beautiful though and smells great.

  3. Yes, don't process that lavender or you'll be out of touch for another month!

  4. That hollyhock is beautiful! I haven't been to Las Vegas in five years or so and I just live about three and a half hours away. Someday I need to make a trip again to check out the hotels.

    I had something similar happen to me with photosensitivity with antibiotics, so I know what you're talking about. Hope all is well now.

  5. You have got to see the Avia. It was super cool.

    Thanks so much for your comments. It's nice to have feedback!