Sunday, July 25, 2010

this is supposed to be an art blog-you say

Here's a little ditty I did in church a few weeks ago and thought I'd share.  It's another scene with friendly monsters/creatures.  In addition I'm adding a few pics from our cabin.  The Uintah Mountains are so heavenly.

Sorry there isn't more dialogue but I've got the wrist brace on and it's hard to type.  I don't dare type a lot without it.  What a drag.
This is the turn off of the main forest road that goes to our cabin.  We should put a sign here but we never have.  Anyway it's around 9 miles of dirt road.  If you get lucky and drive on it after it's been graded (several times a summer) then it's not all washboarded-bla.  Chris used to let the kids sit on his lap and drive when we hit the dirt road.  One time Charlie clipped off the side mirror on the truck doing that.  
Our new stream behind the cabin.  The river has gradually created little sideways.  I love it!  But Chris said this is not good as it will eventually creep over to the cabin.  So we're going to have to have a rock moving party and divert the river back where it was.  I want to at least keep a little brook for the kids to play in.  Anyway, it's so gorgeous!


  1. Looks fabulous!!! We have Swallowtails here too; aren't they beautiful. Sometimes they land on us; very friendly.

    I wouldn't redirect the stream, it's great. Just reinforce the bank nearest to the cabin. I'd come over and help, but Lady Magnon says I'm needed here.

    Bisou, Cro.

  2. The sketch is very cute perhaps you are beginning a series. I love your cabin, thanks for sharing. It looks really cool after the scorching heat we have been having here.

  3. Beautiful place, Julie! Sorry about your wrist! Can't do much artwork, blogging or maybe housework! Well, that last one I did that for you over the weekend!

  4. Cro, just getting back to you. You are too kind. I would love for Lady Magnon and you to come help. I'm not sure when we'll get to work. The trouble is that if we don't divert it away from the cabin the ground water will be worse than ever. We had a very tough time digging a septic tank as we kept hitting water. Finally it worked. Another thing is that it makes it so we feel like our land is larger than it is because the land in between ours and the river/stream is common ground.