Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mosaic over the kitchen sink-Cooooool

This is a project that I've stewed about for quite a while.  Originally I was going to do a mosaic of Gerber daisies but I just couldn't make myself do it.  It just looked dumb and too normal.  I can't do that with mosaics.  My tendency now is to do more abstract things that have fun 3-D elements added on top. 

So I started over.  Actually I was seriously considering throwing out all my broken china and glass because it takes up a lot of room in my studio and it haunts me every time I go in there.  So I thought I'd at least do one more thing for now.  If I feel like I've had enough of mosaics after that I'll pitch it all.  I can always go back to the thrift store and buy more cheap. 

Back to the project.  I spent several hours last night in heaven working on the placement of this and listening to a very good book on cd.  My idea of a great evening.  Now I need to get my husband to cut me some wood to put this all onto.  I'm probably going to need some support bars on the back because this could be quite heavy when done. 

I'm so excited about this!  I think I'm going to do 3-D clear glass flowers on top.  Notice the 1 blue item?  That's a chunk of glass that broke in the shape of a heart.  I'm going to try to incorporate that on there somehow. 

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