Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Brandon and Kyra

So, does Brandon have red hair?  No way.  You'll get to see what's what soon.  I have a plan, like usual, and it takes a while to get things going.  This is just the underpainting.  When I layer the other colors on top I'll leave little peeks of this and that will unify this painting in a way that the casual observer wouldn't notice.  I like to be tricky, you see.

The biggest thing I like about this composition is the way your eye is centered on the most important part-the children's faces.  Neither one is the star because they both are.  My art teacher, Robert Rumel, told me years ago that showing a child's little hands adds so much to a painting.  There's something about them that is so special.  These are 2 little cousins that live on opposite ends of the country and it's rare for them to be together.  So this makes this closeness that they show even more tender.  

The background is going to come about soon and it's going to be very fun!

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