Monday, June 4, 2018

The Eyes Have It! New Card!

"The Eyes!" 
Original Art by Julie Jacobsen
All Rights Reserved

I'm getting behind here!  I only have 1 set left of "The Eyes!" as the rest are sold but I can print more for anyone that would like to experience "The Eyes!"  This is a card that I made, originally, for my son in law, Dave, for his bday.  Dave is an ophthalmologist.  So this seemed quite appropriate.

"The Eyes!" is a great card for almost anything.  I like to think of it as saying "Eyes Wish You a Happy Birthday!"  It's a fun play on words but it has many other uses and is another one that would be good for both male and female.

Please email me at: if you're interested in ordering them.   It's $12 for a set of 4 plus postage and handling.   

Eyes think you would really like them!

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