Monday, August 20, 2018


"Mourning Dove at Capital Reef" by Julie Jacobsen
All Rights Reserved

I just knew when we were at Capital Reef-a national park in Utah-and my husband took some pictures of these beautiful massive trees that there had to be a painting in there somewhere.  I love the negative space between the trees.  It's so interesting!  Also it really did look this way:  massive dark trunks, snow, and a peach shaded sky.  Beautiful.  It gave me a feeling of out of darkness can come hope.  I thought this could be a great sympathy card.  The bird was an after thought.  It seemed appropriate and correct that there should be a mourning dove hovering over it all.  It's not necessarily female in flavor, either.  That's why I say it's a good multi purpose card.  It could also be used for birthdays or whatever, since it's blank inside.

I only have 1 set left but if I get 2 more sets ordered it will justify a new printing.  I've had to have these printed 3 times.  That's 75 cards!  It's a popular one.  Anyway they're $12 a set plus postage.  Just email me at

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