Sunday, April 18, 2021



"Hobbs" by Julie Jacobsen
All rights reserved

"Hobbs is a very special new member of my daughter's family and this is a card I made for my grandson's birthday.  It was difficult to get all the variations of values and color without muddying the painting but I'm so happy with the way it finally turned out.

I always like to point out that I'm not a perfect artist and that point was proven with this project.  I had the card almost finished and it just didn't look right at all!  I told my husband and he said maybe I could save it.  Right then I ripped it up and threw it away.  No sense worrying about what to do.

I did that with a sweater that I bought last year.  It was beautiful.  I waited until it got cold enough and it was too tight in the neck.  I tried to stretch it out and I thought maybe I could redesign it.  Nope!  It went to the thrift store.  Not worth the worry and someone else will enjoy it.  

"Red Poppies" by Julie Jacobsen
All rights reserved

Here's another watercolor that I really enjoyed doing.  I had taken this picture quite a few years ago and just kept putting it aside.  Finally it hit me that this was the next card for someone.  I made some choices with the composition in this one.  For one thing it's always more pleasing to have an uneven number of the main subjects.  That's why there are 9 flowers and buds. 

I have quite a few new cat paintings to post-coming up!

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