Monday, August 30, 2021

Okay! Back to posting!


“Inside There is Hope”

Original Art by Julie Jacobsen

All Rights Reserved

Well, I just have to gripe for a minute. We finally broke down and bought an Apple Computer. We thought we could do this. No sweat. We have iPhones and iPads but we’ve had a PC for years and we’re computer dummies. The computer froze. So I’m doing this post on my phone. Grrrrr. 

I’m putting together a flower set to sell and this is one of them. It seems everyone wants flowers on their cards. Women do anyway. Plus I love to paint them. I will post when the set of four is ready. 

I love these tulips!  They brought us perky hope after winter and over a year of Covid 19. So I had to include them in my set. Just one more card to paint. Yay!  I was going to feature some old favorites but these new ones will be very fun. I hope you’ll agree!

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