Tuesday, September 7, 2021




“The Parkin Mansion”

By Julie Jacobsen

All rights reserved

Limited Edition Prints and cards available

This is actually the Devereax House in Salt Lake City, Utah that has been inserted in a scene from Richard Paul Evans New York times best selling book The Christmas Box”. It was commissioned by him.

My daughter was the model but it turned out to look like me.  I researched to find out what the original wall looked like.

This is the 2nd painting I did of this house.  The first one I had sold to an owner of a tool company in trade for a table and miter saw for my husband.  When Richard Paul Evans wanted to buy it he jacked up the price.  So that’s how I came to do a newer and much more complicated painting.  

“America’s Favorite City”
By Julie Jacobsen
All right reserved
Open Edition Prints and post cards available

“California Street”. This was a commission for a two year anniversary. If you look in the taxi you’ll see the couple with their info on the license plate. It features all the San Francisco characteristics such as pigeons, shopping lady, etc. All of my paintings are done with a complicated layering process. I start out with brilliant under paintings. Then layer over and over. I wanted the white buildings to all appear different. So each has a different bright under painting. The perspective was extremely difficult. 

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