Saturday, September 19, 2009

Flowers, fruit and the necessary instruction on how to look at my photos...drat

Okay. You all know by now that nothing goes onto this blog the way I want it to. So, to see the order of my mosaic heart production start at the bottom and then go to the top.

Now, for something a bit more refreshing....gorgeous summer fruit (Grandpa J's pears!) and flowers from our garden. Actually the pears are more like "Charlie's pears" because Grandpa didn't have anything to do with them this season-except own the property and he planted them many years ago. So we can pat Char on the back for all the spraying. Oh, that's right...I'm sure we have to count Jan and Mat's pruning and cleanup. So let's call them "Jan and Mat and Charlie's pears", okay? This has been probably the most productive garden year ever. We personally have picked at least 150 cucumbers. I'm actually quite sick of them. I took them to my neighbors and said, "I KNOW you want these cucumbers". One neighbor only wanted a few today and I told her that she could only have some if she took all of them in the basket. But I've done a lot of canning and that's something that hasn't been happening around here for a long time.

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  1. You have wonderful work. I do pencil and ink but nearly as good as this.
    Thank you for showing