Friday, October 16, 2009

Well, I might as well dig up a few more drawings, right?

I can't believe how cool Photoshop is! I have Photoshop Elements also. Do I sound like a commercial? But it is fun. As I was adjusting the Laguna Beach drawing I slid one of the levers to the right and voile!......color that is so fitting for this piece. I actually did a painting of this and sold it but I thought it never fully reached the mood of the drawing at all. I guess it's because the drawing was so fresh. Plus I kind of like the descriptions I used to remind me of certain things for a future painting. Once in a while I will have a painting that I finish and say, "Oh, it's okay but not my best." I even (dare I say it?) have thrown paintings away. There's a few garbage men somewhere that have a few of these. One is a portrait of my husband and his old beat up "Rocket" car. Drat. I wish I had that one back. Luckily I'm a real stickler for taking pictures of everything before it goes out the door (unless it's so awful I can't stand it...there's a few of those). Anyway, I like these drawings-especially the one of Cliff in his Halloween greaser outfit. It's so Cliff. The other drawing of the dancers I just did one Sunday when I was bored. This struck me as very fluid. I did another one and maybe I'll post that one some time. If anyone would like to see my 9/11 prediction painting just let me know and I'll dig it up out of my files.


  1. Thanks for commenting on my last post. I'm too went on the trek and ate everything (even the biscuits on a stick the pioneers ate) I don't know how anyone could be a picky eater when your woking so hard to pull your cart with your family. Definatly an experience I'll never forget.
    Also I LOVE the piture of the dancers so graceful and elegant!!! I would also like to see your 9/11 prediction drawing and I'm curious to know the story behind it as well... Great Art Julie! 80)

  2. I love youir drawings..the dancers are amazing! I also read your lavender post and had a laugh, although poor you, I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time. I have been making lavender hearts recently and found the scent quite relaxing! Take care xo

  3. hi Julie thanks for dropping by! your work is AMAZING such gorgeous drawings I am in awe!!