Friday, January 15, 2010

All you "Sun Sneezers" out know who you are....I'm calling you in to admit it.....

(Explanation of Kitty's picture at the end of this ties in, you guys!)

Okay. Today I did it again and I'll explain in my email that I sent to some friends and family. Any of you out there that do this? Do you know someone that does? Let's just do a little survey on my blog. I find it fascinating! I know this isn't save the world stuff here but it's something different than what you hear on the Nightly News. Nightly News guys....are you listening?

Well, this is something I find interesting. I've told Chris several times that I sneeze when I look at the sun or any other bright light. It's usually great because, you know, sometimes you can't sneeze and it's miserable. But we "sun sneezers" can get that sneeze out almost any time we want by looking quickly at a bright light. The sun is the best. Today I looked on the internet to see if this is a true condition and, if it does, what causes it. I know there is one other person on this planet that has it and his name is Ray. One time in Roosevelt Jr. High art class I noticed Ray (I don't remember anything else about him) looking out the window and kind of sniffling. Then he sneezed. I asked him if this was true of him and he said yes. He's the only person I know of that has that-at this point.

So, it is a real physical condition and her are a few articles to prove it (nanny nanny na na, Chris). You might think I'm weird but I think I'm special! This is the best article, I think.

Okay. From reading this article I'm wondering now-if any of you that have it (you know who you are)-do you also have restless leg syndrome? I have both. Could this be a connection to the fact that our nerve wiring in our brain is different from most? Could this suggest a tie in to show that, eventually, there could be a cure for restless leg? How many of you have Raynaud's like me? That's a nerve related autoimmune disease. It's not inherited. Or is it?

Just getting a little scientific on you all. I always knew I was special and now I'm proving it. All you other "photic sneezers" can be in my special group and put a star on your forehead. Or maybe it should be a sun!

Oh, another thing here. The reason why my kitty's pic is on this is because in one of the articles it says that in Japan they did a study that showed that CATS do this. No wonder I love kitties! We have something in common.


  1. I sneeze at the cat. Sorry not at the sun.

  2. Doesn't count on this one but that's interesting...allergies?

  3. Well...I guess I am just normal and boring. I only sneeze once in a while. Looking at the sun only makes me squint. It would be cool to have this super power. I know I have met people who do this, I just can't remember who they were. That is cool that cats do this....kinda funny.

  4. I did check out your sisters's great. She is very good and capturing people. I did not go in person, but I did look at her website. I guess talent is a family trait!

  5. I just dropped by again, Julie! I am allergic to cats! Had a cat when I was young, but then I discovered I had allergies!

  6. Josh, that's so nice you saw my sister's art. Her show was a success...thank goodness as it's so much work (I know).

    Helen, too bad you're allergic. There's nothing like a cat on your lap, hot chocolate and a good book (well, I can think of some other great things too in this, for me, my husband).