Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Okay. I'm back to what I should be spending my free time on

Last night I got my oil paints out of the freezer (yes-you can freeze your oil paints and it works out very nifty but not acrylics) and let them defrost. I forced myself to tackle the dreaded California poppies. Got my Ipod going so I had some great music and put paint brush to canvas. I thought you'd enjoy seeing what is happening with that.

I can only stand working on the poppies just so long. So I turned myself around to my other easel and worked on the hollyhock painting that has been sitting almost as long as the horse painting. It was so fun! I just have to get myself going and then I'm hooked. So, I got them out tonight and I'm going to get going again. I've told myself that I only have to work on the poppies for a short while. There's no hurry. I don't have to make it a torture painting.

Now I also want to do a china mosaic for above the kitchen sink but I've been stuck on getting the right color of orange for it. Just haven't found the right dish to smash (although I could use a good smashing right now to relieve some stress). I must get to the D. I. (Deseret Industries) and start searching through the stacks. At $1 a plate it's such a great deal.



  1. SWEET! You're back in the studio getting it done. That is awesome. I think your paintings have been missing you...I am sure they are glad your back and excited to what else you will create. I am also excited to see what you come up with.

  2. Thanks, Josh! What a buddy you are. I'm going down to the studio in a few minutes.

  3. Great work , love your paintings. kathy