Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What I do in church when I should be listening (I am I am)

So, here you go. Here's what I do to help myself listen better. Honestly I really do pay attention a lot better this way as I don't fall asleep. Plus I have these nifty little pics in my sketch book (that Cliff gave me....thank you very much, Cliff). I've been working on my painting downstairs in the dungeon but here's something new to all of you guys-even though some of these are actually fairly old.

Oh, I need to add that these are not perfect perspective and resemblance wise either as they are what they are....SKETCHES...get it?


  1. Oh ick! I just didn't think of dung as dung. We always call our unfinished basement the dung(j). One time my husband walked down there and made the cross symbol with his fingers. Okay. I'm going to edit that so I don't look like a total fool (instead of a partial fool).

    Yes, do take a sketch book to church as you'll find you'll get better and better at it. It will also transfer over to your photography as you'll think of ideas for that that you never would have before.

    Loved the hitting head on bench story. One time my son was sitting up front waiting to give his talk and he fell asleep with his head on the girl's shoulder next to him. She had the funniest look on her face because she didn't know what to do.

  2. Hee Hee. You do indeed have the fever girl. That's exactly what I do. I have a whole series of doodles that I call Meeting Doodles. I saw a study once that said that it actually help us (sorry to put myself in a category with you) listen. My school notes were full of doodles. When a friend needed to borrow some body's notes they liked to borrow mine because of all the added artwork. I think that I drew a caricature of every professor I had in college. I'm going to have to book mark your blog and keep on eye on you. Thanks for becoming a follower of mine. I am honored - truly. At least you're not sleeping in church. :-)

  3. Rick, yes that's my great excuse. It helps me to listen. I bet those notes of yours would be worth money now. Too bad you don't have them to put in a book or do you? Great to have you join in here. I love to meet other creative people!