Sunday, February 14, 2010

Turn that Painting UPSIDE DOWN!

Well, this is a real life saver sometimes. If you're painting isn't working out or just doesn't have pizazz-turn it upside down and you will be able to see what's not working. Are the colors presented in a consistent way, is the composition too dominant in one area, is it top heavy, etc.? You will be able to see it almost every time. Also, you know how it's hard to get something right sometimes. If you look at it in a totally different way you'll see it. A face turned upside down isn't really processed in our brains as that. Our brain sees shapes. So paint or draw the shapes around the troubled area. Then when you turn it around you'll be so surprised to see that it looks so much better and maybe, even, just right.

So, see this painting up above? Well, it's just half of it. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what was bugging me about the feet. When I turned it around I realized that the feet were just right but the color wasn't. The black boots blend into the shadows too much and it makes the feet look too big. I tried to lighten the boots to no avail. So, I realize now that I need to change the color. I'm thinking red or light blue. The red would be good (but kind of unrealistic, don't you think?) as it's a warm color and would stand out from the cool shadows. Although the light blue might work out just as well because it would lighten it up. Grrrrr. These types of problems can really be a challenge. This painting was a prize winner (I think I got second place in the Murray art show) but didn't make it to the top. It could be that one thing that's just not right-the shoes. I'm going to talk about the "one wrong thing" another day.

By the way-these are my sons, Charlie, Kip, and Cliff. Actually it was really 3 strange men that I took a picture of at the closing ceremonies for the 2002 Olympics here in Utah. They were so cute but I got to thinking that the painting would mean more if I put someone in it that I know. These are not perfect portraits, by the way, as I wasn't going for that.


  1. Hi Julie. Thanks for stopping my "Musings by Mugwhump". I stopped using "Followers" because... no one did. But I hope this doesn't detour you from visiting again. You do lovely artwork. Keep it up girlfriend. And as to doodling in church - Do you think God minds? He gave you the gift in the first place.

  2. Glad to meet ya! In answer to your question about God-no, I don't think he minds at all. It's either that or my artistic mind wanders and I fall asleep. Other people might but usually the ones that sit by me get distracted by watching what I'm doing. You know, I notice that not many people use the "Followers" but I look for those that do because I like the idea of showing support in a visual way. Obviously I'm a real visual person, right?

  3. hi julie, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog, yours is lovely too, and I really like your artist tips too, keep up the with the great art and good luck with the degree x

  4. Sooziebee, thanks so much. Yes, I need good luck as they changed the requirements and I have to have a killer math class. Good thing our son is a math major and he's going to tutor me this summer before I have to take the class. Otherwise it would be curtains on the degree.