Monday, February 15, 2010

Underpaintings Can Make Life a lot Easier!

All of you that are terrified of a white canvas...I'm talking about all of us that are artists. We've all been there in the studio or at school (even scarier) and sat for the longest time without thinking of a thing to paint. They should play the Jaws theme while we're looking at it. Don't do this to yourself! Put an underpainting on it first. It can be almost any color. I like to use brilliant colors and usually the complimentary ones. This does take bravery as it's hard to visualize what to do with it and makes it a bit tricky to paint over. If you aren't that brave put down a pastel of that or do like the masters and use a brown underpainting. Just get something on there right away. Now-no subject matter? How about the doodles? What have we been talking about these past few days? The doodles can give you the best and most original ideas.