Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Move like a race car-VROOOM

Well, this isn't exactly one tip. It's a very cool exercise that is especially great for you (and me) tight drawing/painting types. What I want you to do is to pretend that you are on a trip to, say, San Francisco, and you're riding on a cable car. You will never get a chance to ever visit again in your life and you forgot you camera. Did I say that you have always wanted to do one of those street scenes that have lots of goodies in it? Now, you have 5 minutes, only, to draw everything you see. You want all the details-buildings, signs, people, animals, etc. Because you're a creative type I know you can do this-pick some place in your home or where ever you are and apply this little story mindset to it. Set the timer for 5 minutes and draw EVERYTHING you see as fast as you can. It's amazing how much you will get in. Remember that you need every detail that you can possibly fit in-words, the crack in the wall, the food on the plates, etc. I purposely chose some of those cluttered areas in my house and, yes, I did leave the dishes in the sink for that extra detail that will be needed. No, I'm not a slob.

Is your house pristine and do you live in a sterile environment? Then use my photos. It's better when you do it from a live area but these photos will work. I can't think of too many places that would fit that description-except a jail...hmmmm...not fun. Anyway, you can use my creative photos. You probably already know this but if you double click on the photo you can make it very large. Oh, I should mention that tomorrow we are going to talk about not using other people's photos for your own creative work and then signing it as yours-like you thought up the whole idea yourself. Here will come one of my dandy little life experiences that you can learn from. Drat. I have so many of those but I won't be stingy and keep all those humiliating stories to myself (not always that bad). I want you to see that I'm an artist that can fail and learn from my mistakes (hopefully). That way you will have hope that you can reach the pinnacle of artdom some day (will you let me know what it's like when you get there?).

Extra credit-use color for the exercise. Or why don't you try the moving transportation with someone else driving, of course!

There. All you tight types-don't you just feel free? Try not to get a headache over this. It doesn't matter. It does not have to be a masterpiece to show the world. Remember what I said...YOU CAN THROW IT AWAY.


  1. Hi Julie, My blog is named Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island because those are two of my book titles. I wrote and illustrated the book Sunflower Houses in 1991 and told the story of the sunflower playhouse covered with heavenly blue morning glory vines. A subsequent book, Roots Shoots Buckets & Boots describes another version using different heights of sunflowers and different vines. Since I wrote the book I've received hundreds of photos of wonderful sunflower houses built all over the world.

    All best to you,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  2. Oh, yea! I'm going to have to get your book as the grandkids get older and come around here (one in Baltimore and the other in San Diego). I don't know...I may have to get it before. I love anything to do with gardening!

  3. Hi Julie! Oh, that would be cute.....little people on the walls. Whens school over for you?How'd your test's go? Oh, I just woke up from a two hr. nap....so lovely! Every once in a while you just gotta catch up! I turn 57 in Apr. so you are the eldest!

  4. School is going until May, I think. Not sure. I have to ask my son. He graduates this year in business and math. Funny to be in school, same place, with him. Anyway, it was an interesting test. I don't know how I did. These tests can be pretty tricky. I studied so hard I actually felt yucky before hand. I had to just stop doing it at the very end (on Trax). Drat and fiddlesticks! I am the oldie here, aren't I. Oh well, I'm still the youngest of all the siblings and cousins on both sides of my family. So, I have that going for me, right?