Sunday, February 21, 2010

Relax, dig deep and let it happen!

As I was in church today I pulled out my sketch book fully intending on working on a photo of my daughter, Gracie, when she was little. I thought I'd get warmed up (you know, with the circles I talked about before). Well, I ended up staying with the circles because pretty soon I started to see a bird forming. Then I went with that. I wanted you to see the end result. I've also included a few other of my "free" sketches. Actually I do have to relax a lot to do this but sometimes it kind of hurts in a sense. I don't know if you know what I mean but it's like something inside takes over and I have to let that something flow. I guess you can call it like a trance (no! that's toooo icky) or just into an artist's zone. I'm still listening to church but I am doing something.

As you can see in the others it almost looks like I changed my direction part way through the sketch. This often happens with the most imaginative ones. Notice also the different perspectives. If I sat down to do a snowman I would do like any 2nd grader-plop plop plop-3 circles in a row. In this snowman sketch it just came out of I don't KNOW where! The same with the other sketch. I think I started out with cloud like shapes. NOW this is where you really get to know me. See how I like to pull out of the design groups of people/creatures? Notice that they are so close and cozy? Even loving? Well, that's how I really am. I'm a cozy type of person and I absolutely love my family. I have always encouraged our children to be close. I hope that radiates from all of us. I know my husband is that way.

Back to the bird......I, also, never would have chosen this view of a bird. I wouldn't have felt like I could do it without a picture (contrary to what nonartists believe-no, we can't draw everything without a picture.....whoops! I gave our secret away. Sorry, fellow artists).

The lesson in all of this is that if you let it flow you will find abilities in yourself that will take over if you will only let them.


  1. Julie, Loved the pictures of your family, lovely children! I'm not an artist but I am reading your hints in case of some miracle.....! I love picturing you drawing in church.I taught a primary class once and there was a boy I gave a notebook to so he could doodle through class, I just knew he needed something for his busy little mind to do and it worked. have a great week!

  2. Linda, thanks so much for leaving a comment. I appreciate it so much. Yes, I think that was a great idea to give the little boy a notebook. I think it's all about the square peg fitting into the round hole. We try to get people to worship like everyone else but they think differently. It's finding what works, sometimes, to make the church environment fit for everyone. What if everyone were the same? It would be so boring. Don't think it would take a miracle to learn how to do art. Try my ideas and you'll see you have more talent than you think.

  3. SO hard to do...but amazing things can happen when you just let yourself go with the flow!