Thursday, February 11, 2010

Doodle and Sketch!

Hi every creative person out there. I just thought as I was an art teacher for 11 years I should share some of my wisdom...daily, if I can.

Try to sketch as much as possible. Keep the sketches (even the ones that you do in the phone book) if they are cool ones. They're so fun to look back on and they will give you ideas for other projects. I used to bribe my young art students to bring their "doodles". I put an envelope in the back of their sketch books so they could save them. The prize was chintzy, candy, but they loved it. It also was a good way to measure how they were feeling-I cared a lot about them. I hope they still have those sketch books as they will be there are a lot of great drawing exercises that we did.

Oh, the type of pen I use is one that will sketch. Don't use a heavy duty gel pen. Don't use a pencil because it forces you to draw freely and that way your sketches won't look overworked.

Do you have any great art tips? I'D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! So would other artists who are always searching for the right ideas to improve their art. These tips could be for any type-such as painting, photography, sculpture, etc. You get the idea, right?

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