Sunday, August 22, 2010

Just a few little ditties/starting a new painting

Hi there.  Well, these, again, are my sketches from church.  The horses I just finished and I believe they are some from a place called Wheeler Farm by our house.  You know how much I love them and I would love to do more.  But my next painting is for my sister.  It's going to be some yellow and green birds because she loves them so much.  After that I owe paintings to our 2 married children (last year's 2 weddings), Cliff and Gracie.  They still haven't figured out with their spouses what they want.  I also have another wedding painting, small, for a niece.  I wish I could work on them more often.  That's okay.

The other sketch is of my 2 sons, Cliff and Charlie, and my niece, Wendy, with her daughter, Zoe.  I think I probably told you this before but I really don't worry about exact likenesses.  It ruins the freshness of the drawings and that's a crime.  Besides I kind of like the characterization of them.  It makes it fun and not like a photograph.  Whoops!  I forgot about Flounder, the birdie.  He's important too.

Speaking of Flounder-that reminds me of the time (about 7 years ago) when Flounder woke Gracie up (he lived in her room) by saying, "Hi there!  What's ya doing?  Floooouuuunnnder!"  He had never spoken before and he was an old bird.  That's rare.  But Gracie said it made her sick because he talked in my baby voice that I use to talk to my pets (well, what can I say?  I love animals but I do go overboard sometimes).  From that day on he talked a lot but it was always the same thing.  I loved that little guy.

Besides all of this going on I'm just a working fool.  Not much I can do about it right now.

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