Saturday, August 28, 2010

When a girl gets desperate she turns to ANYTHING to fix her hair!

So, Chris and I went to the cabin again on Friday.  It was a beautiful day but seemed a little threatening, weather wise.  We decided to go on a long walk and took a different route-one not taken before.  One of our favorite places outside of our cabin association, Alpine Acres, is called Holiday Park.  The Salt Lake City pioneers started coming there in the 1800's for summer vacations.  It still has beautiful old log cabins from that time period.  We love to walk through it.  There are even some horses to pet.  Anyway, we were in awe of how gorgeous it all was when the weather changed and it started raining.  Oh, how I hate my hair when it gets wet and dries like a wispy broom.  Plus it's flat on the top.  So I wore Chris' hat to protect it some.  I needn't have bothered.  It ruined my hair.  Oh well but today I was desperate to make it look better.  In the cabin we have an old hot curler set that is probably over 30 years old.  It still works great but I didn't have any clips to hold in the curlers.  So, Chris said he would be happy to anchor them with tie wraps.  Oh, he just loved it.  The old "Blue's Brother's Movie" was playing in the background and he was dancing away while putting those things in my hair.  At one point he said, "Take me to your leader!"  He kills me.

But it was so radiant this morning and we went for an early morning walk looking for the wild life-hoping to catch sight of a moose or some deer.  Because of the rain the foliage was covered with tiny diamonds of light.  I tried to take a picture but the camera didn't capture how magical it looked.  As you can see it was very green and smelled so wonderful.  Unfortunately the nasty pine beetles have been devastating the lodge pole pines and there are dead ones everywhere.  It's so sad our favorite pine tree that has a twisted trunk is dead.  We have quite a few that we're going to have to chop down or they might smash our cabin.

As you can see I've included a small sketch I did of our funky hillbilly kitchen.  The combo sink, cook top and frige is probably at least 40 years old.  The burners still work great but the frige conked out a few years ago.  I made the curtains and we use the frige section for storage.  I actually drew this on the 5th of July but added color to it today.  Anyway, the cabin is very fun but way too small for our family.  We've got to build a new one someday-very soon.


  1. You are marvelous with a pencil Julie, cute little kitchen. Looks like lovely country. I've never been up in the mts. much/(in utah), oh, went skiing once before I married. Personally I love the baseball cap on you! Well, you need to try my do right now, very low up keep!

  2. You are having way too much fun and letting us enjoy it as well! Thanks for sharing! Love the sketch of the kitchen. It's worse than mine, but it is a cabin!

  3. Ha ha Nancy! If you had said it was better than yours I would have really really felt sorry for you. Actually this is deluxe compared with what we had for many many years. We didn't even have power when our kids were little. We had to run an extension cord from our friend's cabin and use an electric frying pan to cook and heat anything. For a long time I heated the baby bottles in the fire! My husband is an electrician and he and I put in the power pole. Actually I held it (it was about 1/4 block away and up hill) while he mixed up wheel barrow after wheel barrow of cement, ran up the path and dumped it in the hole around the pole. To have power was a momentous occasion! Then we could connect that funky old combo sink/frige/cook top. Hey, it was the best! We still didn't have water until we connected to our friend's spring. No toilet or shower until that gradually came about. We really roughed it. So how it is now is pure luxury.