Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dustin! Art and Frame Station genius!

Just got home from having "My Paradise" framed and, WOW, am I happy!  I just had to show you all the finished product before I hang it.  Don't you agree that it completes the picture?  I have to listen to Dustin because he just knows what is the best.  He's in Murray, Utah-just in case you want to know.

In other art project news.......I got set to start my sister's painting today and remembered that I left my acrylic paints in Baltimore so Cliff and Lorien could paint her pregnant stomach casting (yes it's the shape of her tummy and they paint scenes on it).  Well, he said today that they're not planning on doing anything.  So, the paints are coming back home where they belong.
Slowly progressing art project news-I have been making an attempt at the new mosaic for my kitchen but have to be so careful with my wrist.  Maybe I'm just not cut out to be a mosaic artist.   I just hate having physical problems.  It's so inconvenient, you know.  Oh, and here, also, is our neighborhood project.  Lucky me to have my drawing on here.  This one is of Thanksgiving Point, Utah.  The carousel is all topiary and my drawing doesn't do it justice.  It's so beautiful.


  1. I love the framing on the finished painting. It has been enjoyable watching this project develop overtime and now it is finished.

    I feel like my favorite TV show just had its final episode.

    Beautiful work.

  2. I love the neighborhood directory! I didn't know they were going to use one of your drawings

  3. Thanks so much for the compliments. It is so nice to see the finished work as I hated doing the big poppies. It was hard.

    I felt honored that they chose my drawing for the directory. It's the 3rd time.

  4. At first I thought your mosaic was made from cornflakes.... That gives me an idea!

  5. Oh goodie! That's what I love to do! Inspire people and share some secrets. If it were cornflakes I would have eaten it. You have to share what you make now as it will be very entertaining to see....please.