Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Snydermille-never to go again-our family retreat

I just came across this painting that I did of Snydermille.  It's actually a good way to see how I use the under paintings.  This piece was done specially for my husband's nephew, Spencer, and his wife, Lisa, for a wedding present.  Snydermille is a large piece of property owned by our church and designated for my mother-in-law's neighborhood to use.  On the land was a huge building that could easily sleep 40 people.  The living room was big enough to have large tables (4 or more) set up, 4 large couches, a t.v., plenty of space to put up a few quilts and still have an area for the kids to play four square.  And the kitchen had 2 stoves and refrigerators.  In the bedrooms there were many bunk beds that the kids would drag around and make forts.  Once a year my husband's family would plan a get together for several days.  It was a chore getting everything packed but we had so much fun playing games, doing projects, eating, eating, and eating.

This little town is located right before you get to Park City ski resort in the Wasatch Mountains.  Surrounding it are the outlet malls and in Park City there are lots of fun things to do.  If you look walk straight up the hill from the building you will come to the Ski Jump for the 2002 Olympics.  In fact the FBI rented our retreat to stay there during the games.

We often involved our kids in projects for charity like the Festival of the Trees (benefited Primary Children's Hospital).  We helped make ornaments.  One year, when Kip was in the Navy, and on a ship we made gift bags for all the men on his ship.  It was unbelievably touching to hear how they loved their presents.  I think the kids maybe enjoyed it more than the men.

My in-laws, Marge and Tom, were the ones that arranged this fun for us every year and footed the bill.  They're both gone now.  So Snydermille is just a memory-memories of pinatas every year filled with treats.  I'm sure sad that we can't go there any more.  I won't miss the bugs that seemed to be everywhere and cleaning the place when we were done.  But the togetherness we felt was, well, PRICELESS.


  1. What a lovely painting! And what a wonderful place to build such memories.

    I'm stopping by today to let you know that I've passed an award on to you at

    I really enjoy your blog and the gorgeous artwork!


  2. Oh thank you! This is too much fun, Jules! By the way-my friends all call me Jules too!