Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another one of Chris' hilarious but useful projects!

When I saw this today on Gracie's blog I just HAD to post it on mine.  It is so hilarious!  First off-let's just answer your question:  no, Gracie and Dave don't sleep in a bunk bed (how unromantic).  When we went back to see them in NYC in December she showed us her favorite spot in the apartment-the heater.  She said she spends hours on it waiting for Dave to finish studying.  So, a light bulb went off in Chris' brain.  He decided it would be fun to build some kind of platform over it where she could perch comfortably.  Luckily for her she came to SLC at the beginning of this month and Chris set to work making it with his usual junk in the garage.  You know it had to be under 50 lbs for Jet Blue.  It was a real challenge.  Plus he wanted to send some of his tools for Dave also.  They packed some of them in her checked bag (this is fine with Jet Blue if not motorized).  Anyway, you can well imagine her in the airport lugging that big thing along with her checked bag and carry on as Dave was waiting outside.  I don't know how she did it but my kids are always hauling heavy stuff in the airport and suffering (Cliff at Christmas time-that was awful one year).  Anyway, they took it home and you can see that the queen gets the best part (as usual-ask her brothers).  Dave is squished on the bottom.

Just love it!  Ha ha ha!


  1. She had tools in her carry on! Yikes! Failed security again! The metal scaffold is what Chris made? I'm confused and that doesn't take much! Sorry Gracie should be Queen! Like England too much to get rid of the Queen! Ha! Your kids and husband are funny. Good for blogging! Once again too many exclamation points! Nancy

  2. oh God, that was a lame comment...that was your title...let me try that again. uhmm you guys are funny...LOL...okay, I usually don't give lame comments. but maybe because it's a Monday morning. please forgive me. :)

  3. No problem! I say silly stuff all the time. My husband just lives for it and then he laughs about it for years. I entertain my friends and family a lot. Thanks for your comments. I really appreciate it!