Thursday, January 13, 2011

Plenty of fresh costume ideas

Gracie has started a new blog  At the top of her blog are some drawings that are by me.  It's so fun that my sketches have come to something.  Who would have known that my little doodles would ever have a life outside of my sketch book.  But here they are on the top of a very original and interesting blog.  Gracie is so good at this now since she has several other personal blogs and is the blogmaster for  I call her the blogmaster because I feel like she can do just about anything she wants.  It's amazing to me.

Anyway, you'll find some creative ideas.  So check it out.

Do you ever feel scattered all over the place?  Well, I do right now.  I have so many projects and I need to focus.  My new one is genealogy and it is daunting.  Our church is constantly telling us that we need to do this and I have been trying but it's like this big stumbling block.  I have a slew of information that needs to be organized but I just look at it and want to run away.  Some really nice people in our church have been trying to help me get going.  They came over yesterday with an organized file of some of my ancestors.  Today's project, for me, was to put them into a filing system that I could feel good about.  Well, it took me all day, off and on, to buy the files and just put this stuff in them.  My husband, Chris, came home and just laughed.  He pulled out a marker and wrote "Penske file" on the front.  Any of you Seinfeld fans will recognize what episode that is about.  George goes to work for a company and spends about a week with an accordion file on his desk.  He does nothing else but play drums with his pencils and other stupid things.  When the boss comes back to the office after a trip he is furious that this is all George has done.  Do you get the correlation to my files?  I threw it all together and that was good enough for me.  Blaaaaaa.  I'll get going but I'm having a hard time.  Fortunately, Gracie is helping me now.

I wonder if I can play the drums with my new markers I bought today.............


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