Thursday, February 3, 2011

My finished calendar! Yay! I'm done!

Well, you guys-I did the actual calendar part 3 times!  First I thought it would be cute to have each month individually pinned with a colored pin (boooo, such a dud, dumb).  Then I thought I'd make it one piece and I just couldn't bare to not do pretty colors and designs in each square that I thought the numbers and letters could be written on top of.  Chris said, "How can we ever read them?"  I told him that he never looks at the calendar anyway.  So, never mind (in MY mind I was thinking, "Yuck.  This looks awful but, oh well, I want to be done with this!).

When I put the black letters on top you could hardly read them.  I held it up under the pictures and it looked so bad.  It competed with my design (this after instructing my friend how you need to have restful areas in a piece of art-duh) and then I continued putting the numbers on.  I screwed it all up!  I put 12 next to 23.  I sabotaged my own success because I really didn't like it.  Then I thought I would just cut out some canvas and patch them. Oh boy.  That was a lousy idea and I knew it.  So I purposely cut into it to ruin it.

For the 3rd time I started over (each time having to drag the sewing machine back upstairs-I knew the last time I took it down that I was jinxing it.  I would mess up for sure and have to drag it up again-which I did).  So, then, I went for simplicity but as meticulous as I could get it.  I was so afraid I'd mess up again I penciled in the whole thing first.  The pencil lines I had drawn on had to be erased.  You guessed it-it smeared the lead.  I had to wash it, blow dry it and then iron.  Whew!  It's done!


  1. That is really beautiful. Nice work!

  2. Hi Julie! I love your calendar, you amaze me. Thanks for your note when Becky died and your last comment.Its been a rough year. I think were all slowly coming out of our shock, the pain isn't quite so raw. It's a challenge but we love being with the children and helping Mike out. Hope life's treating you well! take care

  3. John, thank you so much! My new love is doing markers on canvas. It's too much fun!

    Linda, I'm so happy to hear from you. I've thought about you so much throughout the year and wondered how your family feels. It just makes me feel so sad. Losing my sister-in-law a long time ago has always left an empty spot that only she can feel. I'm sure you all feel the same about Becky. Life is going great for me. I'm part time now and it's so much better. Now I have more time to work on art and I've gotten going on genealogy also. Never a dull moment.

  4. This is fantastic! I love it.

  5. Thanks so much! I really enjoyed doing I use it!