Friday, May 13, 2011

Sprout salon a la Cliff!

Cliff, my oldest son, is a great hairstylist and I was so excited when I saw his latest style ad for his salon, Sprout.  The model is the lovely Lorien, his wife.  Isn't her hair just the coolest ever?  I love it on her.  By the way-Sprout Salon, for all you east coast people, is located in Baltimore.  It's in the Hamden area.  Remember the movie "Hairspray"?  That's where the story takes place.  If you go to Hamden it has all these funky little shops with lots of "Hairspray" memorabilia, of course.  Sprout is right in the midst of the fun.  I love to go visit Cliff and be treated to their wonderful all natural products.  You've gotta go east coasters!  You will love it!

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