Sunday, April 1, 2012

Another Kitty quilt finished!

It's been months since I posted last.  I've been so busy.  We have a new grandson, Aren, that's super cute and I made a quilt for him, of course.  His parents chose a repeat.  They liked the last kitty quilt so much that I did for Kyra.

Here's Aren's

Here's Kyra's

I forgot that I had made a matching pillow for Kyra.  I'll have to make 1 for Aren.  They're quite a bit different.  I tried so hard to make Aren's not too girlie and that was a challenge.  I think the chocolate brown kitty is even more fun than the yellow one.  What do you think?

Now I'm making a quilt for our granddaughter-to be born this month.  It's very fun but difficult.  Luckily I'm almost done.

I've got to get a painting going as it's been too long.  I've got some ideas and want to try a new style.  I'll post the stages when I get that started.  But first things first-I have to finish these quilts!

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