Saturday, October 17, 2015


So, here I go again.  This is a long time coming and one I've thought about for quite a while.  It's a family Christmas painting with scenes that mean something to all of us.  In a sense it's a limited audience but not really.  Most people love to see little boys walking to bed with candles and little girls standing next to a cute snowman.  Most of us have gingerbread cookies for the holidays and a Christmas tree with fun ornaments.  And who wouldn't love a purring kitty (well, not everyone, I guess).  The most important thing in the whole composition is what will go on the candle on the right towards the top:  Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus. 

I'm excited for this and hope it turns out fun.  I think it will take a while but that's okay.  It's well worth waiting for.

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