Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A project that was supposed to be quick - STAIRS at the cabin

So, my project started out as a simple one.  The unfinished stairs at our cabin are almost the same color as the concrete floor and I missed the last step several times and almost killed myself!  I thought I would just paint a simple flower on the bottom step but, of course, I couldn't stop once I got started.  It was too much fun!

Of course I, now, had to do the next step.  I was on a roll!

I decided to paint the rest with the subject matter being what we love at our cabin in the Uintah Mountains in Utah.  So next came a moose because we see them there but it's usually quite rare.  This year we saw quite a few because we spent more time at our cabin than we ever have before.

Shocker's Pond is very close to it and we know that there can be black bears up there.  We actually have never seen one but our friends took a picture of one in front of our cabin when we weren't there and showed it to us.  Horrors!  Besides being eating by a shark-being eaten by a bear is one of my worst fears!  I know the likelihood of seeing one is so slim but I'm going to get some bear spray so I can feel a little better about walking around without someone else all the time.  Talk about a coward!

Trout is another thing that we see quite often.  We used to have albino trout that were planted by the Forest Service every year but they don't do it any more.  They were so beautiful-kind of a peachy color.   So now it's just regular trout.  Chris and I aren't lovers of fishing but Kip and our grandson, Brandon, really do.  Kip used to spend hours fishing happily by himself.  Our other kids feel too sorry for the fish and can't stand to hurt them. 

There are a total of 7 stairs and I have 3 more to go.  The cabin is pretty much closed for the winter now because it's a dirt road and, unless we had a snowmobile, we can't get to it.  They can't plow it.   Plus we don't have a fireplace or a furnace and it's freezing in the winter.  Long story made short-I'll have the rest of the winter and spring to paint the last 3 stairs.  I'll post those when I'm done.  

It's really fun!  By the way-there are layers of finish on top of the paintings to protect all my hard work.


  1. You are so talented Julie! I love them!

  2. Thanks so much for your comment. I’m glad to know my blog is being read!