Saturday, December 2, 2017

More Watercolor cards!

Beautiful hollyhocks from This is the Place Monument in Utah

Autumn in Thousand Peaks Ranch by our cabin in the Uintah Mountains, Utah

Coneflowers at Red Butte Garden

"Miss Turtle in Her Gold Party Shoes"

Just a lovely little fairy

Easter Rabbits that conquered The Chicken!

There's nothing like swimming in the giant Easter Egg Pool!

The kitty family that has a pet dog!

Baby Halloween Dragon

Determined little witch swoops away!

Wheeler Farm kitty

Have you ever seen crocuses growing among the short tam bushes before!

The naughty little lamb!

Longwood Gardens in Pennysylvania

Wow!  I've been such a busy watercolor artist this year and the cards just keep coming out of my studio.   I'm working on another one today!  Loving it!  I hope that shows in the mood of my cards

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