Saturday, January 9, 2010

Well, I am just on a rollllllllllll

I am feeling so lucky today! I sold my first item on Ebay-my archaeology book. Yahoo. I needed that. You know it makes you feel down right lucky when you have a little success. So, since I'm on a roll I started looking through the cupboards in the basement. We have this very snazzy Canon Eos Elan II camera that is just collecting dust. So, I just got myself going and put that on. Whoohooo! This could be my new job. Well, I'm sure that I would have to run out of good stuff sometime soon. So, I won't quit my day job (and what is that?). Hmmmm.


  1. You may want to start checking On here you can find items at blow out prices, then maybe you can buy a few and sell them for a 20-30% profit on ebay. I have not tried this, but I have thought about it.

  2. I sold it! Yahoooooo! One less dusty camera out of the cupboard.