Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The "Bathtub" Porsche and my coolest car! Wish I still had it!

The '65 "Bathtub" Porsche

Well, this is not the greatest of photos but it's very old and second generation.  It's glued in a scrapbook.  Anyway, I came across this today and realized that I haven't ever posted a picture of it.  It's actually my cool car #1 as I also had an '66 MGB (same color) just out of high school.  That one has to be #2 because it roasted your legs in the summer (engine was over them) you had to spray starter fluid in the carborater (is this not spelled right?  Even spell check doesn't know) before starting it every time-even after sitting for 10 minutes and it had no syncro mesh.  The lack of the syncro mesh made it so you had to double clutch when down shifting from 3rd to 2nd and this is the car I learned how to drive with a stick shift-I was very good at it but it took a while..  

The Porsche was a true joy to drive.  Even though it was so old (I had it in the end of the 70's and early 80's) it purred like a kitten and you just couldn't help but feel like you owned the road.  Unfortunately it was NOT a good family car and everywhere you parked it someone would steal or attempt to steal every thing off of it.  It also was never the same after the drive to Yuba Lake in Utah over a sandy dirt road.  It got into the engine and it never was the same after that.  My first husband and I had to take it to California to sell it and get a good price after many hours of work getting it back in good condition.  

So, I did have an opportunity to drive like a race car driver and enjoy every minute of it!


  1. I don't think this type old Porsche will be popular now. But last week I've seen one such model near by road.
    I'm in search of well designed Porsche used car for my family use.

  2. I think that car would be sweet to have right now. I also think that photo..the first one is actually very cool. You can tell it is older and still looks good.

  3. Definitely would be sweet but unaffordable, I'm sure.