Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What to do when your white shoes have turned yellow and you're on hold

ANOTHER beginning project (as if I need another).  But but but this is a practical one.  I bought these very pretty white sandals last year and they were/are so impractical.  Never buy white sandals that are made out of canvas material and expect them to remain white.  It doesn't happen that way.  If you could look at the bottom of the shoes you would see they have no wear and that's because they've hardly been worn at all.  Can you believe that the stupid things pick up every little bit of dust, etc.  So, fussy person that I am, I have tried everything to get them white:  cleaners, toothpaste (yes, that works on Keds), putting them out in the sun on a very hot day.  All it did was turn them yellowy.  I think the glue has something to do with this.  Sooooo I decided to use some Sharpies and turn them into funkadelic sandals for next year!  These are new tropical colors and I'm having so much fun coloring when I have to wait on the phone.  It might not turn out the best but, what the hey?  They were going to be worthless anyway.  So, I'll let you see them when I'm done.

By the way-notice my trusty sketch books in the picture?  I'm using some patterns that I made up a while back.  Waste not/want not the trusty designs!

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