Saturday, May 15, 2010

A beautiful baby girl named Kyra born in Baltimore

Cliff!  Playing the piano that Charlie bought for baby Kyra.  Showing his piano playing skills (he should have after 5 years of lessons!).

I'm back, you guys!  Cliff and Lorien have the most beautiful little baby girl-it was a thrilling in home natural child birth.  I would post pics but I'm not sure how they feel about that.   Must get permission first.  Anyway, I was a little anxious about how it would all work out.  I shouldn't have worried because the midwife and her team were fabulous.

Baltimore is such a gorgeous city.  I went for a walk yesterday when I wasn't needed in the house.  I just can't get over how lush it is.  The neighborhoods are so interesting to me.  I would have walked on forever but I was afraid I would get lost.  Really they weren't consistently the same like in other towns.  Where my son lives, at least, most of the houses are on very large lots and a lot of gigantic old trees.  I just walked around with my eyes and mouth wide open-oohing and ahing.  I'm sure I really looked like a nitwit.   It seemed like there were wooded areas slicing in and out of the residential areas in a very random manner.  It's like a jungle to me and looked so fun for kids to play in.  Cliff said they did look fun except for the poison ivy that's very prevalent all over Baltimore-leaves of 3, let them be (Cub Scout leader for many years).

So, I'm back to the real world for me and I have to say I'm sad to leave their happy little family.  But I'm thrilled for their happiness


  1. Congrats Julie to you and the whole family!

  2. Congratulations! What a lovely name - a musical-sounding name, so the piano is appropriate!

  3. What no picture Julie!Congratulations, so happy everyones well ! Can't wait to see little Kyra.
    welcome home!

  4. Congratulations grandma. Dammit, he's got the same mower as me!

    Have a great sunday. Cro.

  5. Ha ha! His wife will love to hear about that, Cro-a guy in France has the same lawn mower! She speaks fluent French, lived there and was a French teacher here in the U. S. I saw "was" because she's hoping to stay home.

    Thanks and I'm feeling quite glowing about the whole thing, myself. Have a great day also!

  6. Linda,I want to post one but I know my other son doesn't want me to do that. I have to get permission first and haven't done it yet. You know those protective first time parents. We were once one of them (I would flip out every time anyone as much as touch Cliff's blanket on the floor with the edge of their shoe). Wow. That seems a 100 years ago to me but good that it's not (that would make me how old...yuck).

    These congratulations are so wonderful. Thanks, everyone! Kyra means "daughter of the moon". Lorien is a yoga teacher. So, a poetic name is so appropriate. Cliff loves the "moon" part also. Maybe it's the poem I used to read to him when he was little: "Zoon, zoon, cuddle and croon over the crinkling sea. The moon man casts him a silver net and catches some moon beams, 3". Something like that.