Wednesday, May 5, 2010

M. C. Escher Drawing Exercise

Who is the most worn out overexposed design oriented artist? M. C. ESCHER.  As you know, Escher was a fabulous artist that combined mathematical type drawings with exploding whimsy.  He was my favorite artist IN THE 70'S but he's just about been ruined for me now as, well, he's like someone else we all know but I'm too polite to say his name.  Anyway, one of my favorite images of his is of this rolly polly lizard rolling around.  I didn't find that in my search but here's one that I really like also.

The drawing exercise today is to take something and turn it into another thing but GRADUALLY.  I got this exercise from my college art major days (I did learn something there).  I turned a cat into a pencil.  It was so cool and I would still have it to show if I hadn't had a big flood in my basement when the washing machine hose burst during the night. That's another story.

Here's one I did using the "One 2, buckle my shoe" nursery rhyme.  My drawing is so rudimentary, it's embarrassing, but I came across this in an old sketch book that I used when I was teaching my art class.  I worked on what they were doing so I could show them what I meant.

HAVE FUN!  I would love to see what you do if you can show it to me.  Please! Comments, as usual, are very welcome.


  1. Escher is a 'Gosh that's clever' artist. I don't think many people either like or dislike, they just admire. Yes, clever chap!

    Bisou, Cro.

  2. Yes, the book I have of his work I could just look at for hours-well in the 70's. I wish it could be fresh all over again.
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