Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pushing the limits and Big Daddy Roth

I came across this delightful characterization of Cliff last night and couldn't resist posting it on my blog.  I had so much fun turning his head into a triangle.  Now I think I could push it further and just might do it.  It's fun to exaggerate a drawing as much as possible.
Art History Moment:  Don't you just love how unorthodox I am about this?  It's not what you think?  Right?  Anyway, I got to thinking of a cartoonist that I loved when I was in the 6th grade-Big Daddy Roth.  His cartoons were everywhere in the mid '60's and you could get these really cool models of his creations.  My favorite was "Rat Fink".  This was definitely not a girl thing to do back then but I was a little kookie for a typical girl.  I loved putting these together.  Dang it but I don't have a single one now.  Big Daddy's work really appealed to the surfers and tied in with hot rod cars. You know-everything that went along with the Beach Boys and Jan and Dean.  Unfortunately he passed away but it's possible to see his images if you Google them.  Another cool thing is that his wife runs a museum of his work that is right smack dab in my state of Utah!  Actually in Manti, Utah.  I didn't know that and now I'm going to have to go check that out.  Incidentally Manti is home to one of the most beautiful LDS temples.  Just a gorgeous setting and old time architecture on a hill.  

I know.  I know.   He's not Rembrandt but he was an American original and back then there was nothing like this.


  1. they actually have a rat fink festival during the summer in manti (it is one town over from me). they have cars that drag main with his art work on it and everything. that is so funny that you loved him. i hadn't heard of him until i moved here. manti temple is beautiful. it is where i was married. loved your post- it made me feel right at home! :)

  2. I just have to see that! The Manti Temple is actually my favorite inside. The art work is ethereal!

  3. oh my, flash back. I have seen these cartoons before but never knew who the artist was or what their origin was. I learned something today.

    Yes, definitely a guy thing. My older brother collected the cards: http://www.coolstufftoys.com/images15/bigdaddyrothcard50cardset3.JPG

  4. Yeah. That's one thing about my site. You will definitely learn something whether it's important or not. I try to educate even if it's something not top of the list for importance but B. B. Roth was a big deal in the 60's.

  5. I have seen these before, but never knew anything about it. Thanks for teh story.